Baby Amber Teething Necklace 101

A crying baby is arguably one of the most frustrating and heart breaking noises to hear.

If you’re a parent, you know exactly what I mean! Part of the frustration is because it can be difficult to know what is bothering our little ones.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to tell when your baby is teething, and just as simple to find safe and natural methods to reduce their pain – like an amber teething necklace.

Signs of Teething

As a mother of three, I will tell you that teething is different for every baby. Generally, you will find drooling, swollen gums, pulling at the mouth, excessive chewing on fingers or objects, and crying or moodiness. Some babies also develop a fever just before a new tooth comes through.

Obviously, we’ll want to get our precious little ones checked by a doctor if symptoms seem excessive, or if we are first time parents who need to put our fears to rest.

If you’re pretty sure it’s teething, and you hate seeing your baby suffer, a wonderful method of helping your child comes in the form of an amber teething necklace! These are an all natural, low cost alternative to other modern methods of treating teething pain.

What is an Amber Teething Necklace?

Let’s start by making a few clear points about what an amber teething necklace is not.

It is not for biting, chewing, or gnawing on! I know that’s what I thought it was, until I did a little research.

An amber teething necklace is also not a hippie, crunchy, granola fashion accessory.

Well, actually it might be, but it’s also theorized to be much more…

An amber teething necklace is usually made by using Baltic Amber which is an ancient, fossilized tree resin. This resin is collected on the beaches, or dredged from the floor of the Baltic Sea


Can a Necklace Really Help My Baby?

Amber is found in other parts of the world, but the deposits in the Baltic Sea are scientifically proven to contain more succinic acid than other amber deposits. Succinic acid is the most common reason given for the effectiveness of amber teething necklaces.


But, is it ok for my baby to be absorbing this acid through their skin?

I know this sounds a little scary!

Succinic acid is generally recognized as safe for consumption by the FDA, and it can be found in many common foods, however, these days it is chemically manufactured, whereas in Baltic Amber it is naturally occurring.


There are many resources which promote the benefits of wearing Baltic Amber. A quick search will provide you with an array of opinions. It’s important to do your own research, so you can make an informed decision that is right for you and your baby.


Here’s information we found about how it could help your baby:

As the necklace warms from your baby’s body heat, trace amounts of the acid found in Baltic Amber are absorbed by baby, resulting in much needed pain relief!

While the opinions are diverse about this method of treating a fussy baby during teething – countless numbers of parents swear by amber teething necklaces, and how effective they are.

Many have observed other benefits as well – such as preventing the common cold, and reducing inflammation. There is a disappointing lack of scientific proof behind amber teething necklaces, but the consensus among those who use them and see their benefits is “Don’t knock it until you try it!”

You Have Options

One of the most difficult tasks after you decide to use an amber teething necklace on your baby, is how to find one!

If you’re like me, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing your necklace from a reputable artisan. Obviously, Baltic Amber can’t exactly be local to everyone, but finding a homeopathic artisan you can trust, is usually within reach.

With so many parents turning to more natural methods of caring for our children, there are a lot of ways you can acquire one of these necklaces. You can find artisan marketplaces online, or purchase directly from Baltic Sea amber providers to ensure you’re getting quality amber.

Be aware!

There are fakes out there, so take care to learn how to spot the real deal before you purchase. The beads should be unique and varied, never symmetrical or identical.

They should also feel lightweight, and a little bit tacky.

Aren’t They Dangerous?

As with anything, there are a few hazards to consider but rest assured, it is completely possible for you to safely use an amber teething necklace with your baby.


To prevent our babies from harm, we should choose a necklace that is neither too long or short. It should be a length that hangs close enough so that it won’t reach our baby’s mouth, but long enough so that it isn’t rubbing or choking our baby.

But, what if it falls off, and the beads go everywhere?

This is a common concern, and it’s also why any decent amber teething necklace will have each bead individually tied on. I have seen some with macramé knotting all the way around the circumference of the beads, but still leaving them exposed to touch the skin. If you want less bulk, look for necklaces with multiple strands of natural cord for added strength. The clasp should be screw on, and never a hook and eye type.

There is a small chance that the ancient amber resin could cause irritation on your baby’s skin, so make sure you check the area around the necklace often to ensure that your baby is comfortable.

Lastly, be smart! Take the necklace off your baby for naps and bedtime, and never leave your baby unattended, especially while wearing a necklace.

If all goes well, you’ll have a happier baby – and a much happier you!

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